Nationally Regonised Training

First Aid Management is a Nationally Recognised Training Organisation. RTO 20776, Part of the Australian Qualification Framework.


Student First Aid Course Information

Complaints and Appeals Policy

All students of our first aid courses in Melbourne will be informed of the Complaints and Appeals Procedures and the document will be made available on request to ensure:

  • All complaints and appeals will be handled professionally and in confidence in order to achieve a speedy resolution.
  • All parties have a clear understanding of the steps involved in the complaints policy
  • Students are provided with details of external authorities if required
  • All complaints are managed fairly and equitably and as efficiently as possible.

Students may raise any matters of concern relating to assessment, the quality of the teaching, student amenities, discrimination, sexual harassment and other issues, which may arise.

The policy provides an avenue for most complaints to be addressed. However in some cases alternative measures need to be explored because of individuals and the merits of each case.

First Aid Management & Training Centre will encourage the parties to approach a complaint with an open view and attempt to resolve problems through discussion and conciliation. Where a complaint cannot be resolved through discussion and conciliation, we acknowledge the need for an appropriate external and independent agent to mediate between the parties.

Steps for Complaints and Appeals

The procedure for a complaint involves the student initiating the following:

  • discussion with the relevant teacher about the complaint as soon as possible after the event to resolve the issue
  • if it is unable to be resolved, the student should put the problem into writing and address the complaint to the CEO. The CEO of First Aid Management & Training Centre will deal with the matter, fairly and equitable.
  • The CEO will make a decision on the complaint within 5 days of the complaint being lodged.
  • The student will be advised in writing of the decision.

If the student is not satisfied with the decision, then they are able to appeal the decision by initiating the following:

  • Submitting in writing to the CEO a request to appeal the decision
  • The CEO will deal with the appeal and will advise the student of his decision in writing within 5 days of receiving the appeal request.

At any time during the Complaints and Appeals process the student can seek further assistance from the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority Complaints Unit or the National Training Complaints Hotline – 1800 000 674 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              1800 000 674      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

Should any complaint be substantiated against FAMTC then the CEO will act upon the outcomes to prevent their recurrence.

All Complaints and Appeals and their investigations and decisions should be kept in the Complaints/ Appeals File.

Course Cancellation/Refund Policy

Terms and conditions.

  • No penalty will apply if a participant transfers to an alternative course as long as 4 days notice is given and that the course is completed within 6 months.
  • If at least 14 days notice is given of cancellation, then funds received will be refunded less an administration fee of $10.00 for CPR and  for Level 2 $35.00.
  • If less than 14 days but more than 4 days notice is given of cancellation, then funds received will be refunded less an administration fee of $25.00 for CPR and for Level 2 $50.00.
  • If less than 4 days notice is given of cancellation, then the full fee is payable.
  • There will be no refund or credit given to participants who do not advise of their non attendance.
  • In special circumstances we will review the above terms.

Recognition of Prior Learning

Recognition of current competencies policy and procedure


Recognition of Prior Learning and Current Competencies (RPL/RCC) acknowledges the full range of an individual’s skills and knowledge, irrespective of how it has been acquired. This includes competencies gained through formal study, work experience, employment and other ‘life’ experiences.


RPL/RCC is the process of equating an individual’s prior learning and experience to the learning outcomes/units of competence offered by a training organisation and is available to all individuals enrolled.


FAMTC ensures that individual’s prior learning is recognised, irrespective of how or where the learning has taken place.

All trainees will be provided with a copy of the RPL/RCC policy and procedure prior to enrolment by means of written documentation.

Applications for RPL/RCC will be managed and assessed by the CEO of FAMTC.


Individuals who are granted RPL/RCC will be issued with the relevant qualification as appropriate.

There will be two types of application:
1. standard exemption/credit for previous formally recognised training.
2. recognition of work and life experiences, including non-formally recognised training.

Charges levied for RPL/RCC incur an administration and assessment fee.

RPL/RCC will be granted where it can be substantiated that the applicant has achieved the units/elements of competence.


Applications for RPL/RCC should be lodged with relevant documents attached.

The applicant will be invited to attend an interview process to discuss the application.
This interview may occur by telephone.
An assessment and verification of the application will be undertaken. ( Further information/documentation may be requested to be supplied and assessed).

The applicant is then notified of the assessment decision.

Where applicable, credit will be given and recorded for identical modules/units of  competencies completed elsewhere.

Exemptions will be granted and recorded for achievement of the equivalence of a module/unit of competence.

Student Support Services

 If you require support services such as language, literacy or numeracy assistance or other support services to assist you in your studies please contact our office.

A limited range of services are available.

We can modify our training and assessment methods to assist you in completing your course.

Accessing Student Records

All student records are available on request from our office.

Replacement certificates are available, please contact our office.
A charge of $15.00 covers certificate, postage and packaging.

Please contact us for any further information you require about our first aid training courses and kits in Melbourne.