Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

AED First Aid Management & Training Centre are now supplying Cardiac Science Automated External Defibrillators(AED).

What happens in the first few minutes following a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) can make the difference between life and death.

The AED is a portable electronic device that assesses the casualty’s heart rhythm and determines whether defibrillation is required and if needed delivers an appropriate level of shock.

The first aider is guided by audible and visual prompts from the AED throughout the process.

An AED will stun the heart, disrupting the electrical activity allowing the heart to re-establish its normal rhythm and pumping action.

AED The time to defibrillation is a key factor that influences survival. For every minute defibrillation is delayed, there is approximately 10% reduction in survival if the casualty is in cardiac arrest due to ventricular fibrillation.


Heartsine Samaritan Pad 500P - $2695
Semi-automatic AED with CPR feedback technology, carry case & adult pad-pak.
Download 500P Brochure

Heartsine Samaritan Pad 350P - $2195
Semi-automatic AED with carry case & adult pad-pak.
Download 350P Brochure

Heartsine Samaritan Pad 360P - $2195
Fully automatic AED with carry case & adult pad-pak.
Download 360P Brochure


  • Adult pad-pak - $200
  • Paediactric pad-pak - $260
  • Premium Prep Kit - $45
  • Wall unit - $175
  • Wall unit with alarm and strobe light - $299
  • Wall bracket/hanger - $59

No GST applicable. Freight charges apply.

For further information, pricing or to book a demonstration of our AED's please contact us.